About Us

A History of Everest Scale, Inc.

Here at Everest Scale, we are deeply proud of our company's history and are excited to share it with you! As the third owner of Heape/Everest Scale in the last 80+ years I am delighted that you have entrusted us with your calibration and weighing needs. From micrograms to tons, Everest Scale is your local Premier Distributor for METTLER TOLEDO. Locally owned and globally connected, we are the scale company for which you have been searching. Together we will take your company to new heights with the best weighing technology available in the world. Onward and Upward!

Eddie W. Seigler III
President and CEO
Everest Scale, Inc.
Est. 1933

  • Left Blank on purpose

  • 1933Edgar B. Heape, Toledo Scale Distributor

    As the national economy began to improve after the 1929 New York Stock Market crash, Edgar B. Heape relocated to Greenville, SC the textile capital of the world at that time, to begin anew with his scale company. Known for the slogan "Toledo Scales, Honest Weight", he became the trusted partner of merchants and manufacturers throughout his eleven county upstate South Carolina territory. They relied on Edgar for his accurate and timely scale calibration and repair service.

  • 1951Edgar B. Heape & Son, Inc.

    The business continued to grow and in 1951, Edgar's son Walter S. Heape joined the company upon Walter’s graduation from Emory University. Young Walter’s energy and charisma knew no limits and he helped his dad keep up and get ahead in the bustling and technologically evolving mid-twentieth century. Edgar passed in 1957 and Walter stepped up to become company President, all the while caring for his wife Suzanne, their four children and his mother, Rita Heape.

  • 1984Rapid Growth

    Eddie W. Seigler III joined the company as vice president after having served the six years prior as a field sales engineer for Reliance Electric Co., the parent company of Toledo Scale. Over the next 10 years, Eddie helped the Heape team double the size of their business.

  • 1994New Ownership

    Eddie Seigler executed his option in the 1984 agreement with Walter Heape to acquire 100% of the stock of Edgar B. Heape & Son, Inc. and has operated the company as its President and CEO for the last 20+ years.

  • 2008Everest Scale, Inc.

    As Toledo Scale became METTLER TOLEDO (NYSE symbol MTD) so too has Edgar B. Heape & Son rebranded to become Everest Scale. Everest Scale, Inc. is METTLER TOLEDO’s oldest distributorship in North America and, arguably, in the world. So, it was appropriate to take the name of the world's highest peak at 29,029 feet.

  • PresentOnward and Upward!

    You cannot climb Mount Everest without training, endurance, communication, and teamwork. That is what we strive to do every day at Everest Scale…taking our customers to the top of their field by providing superior scale technology, application engineering, and incredible service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.